Post Op Curvy 4-Line Recovery Garment – Adjustable Shoulder Strap – Open Bust – Front Closure


  • Ideal for Lipo 360, BBL, Tummy Tuck, Mommy Makeover
  • High-back and Mid-thigh length
  • Wide adjustable Straps
  • Large opening in crotch with cover
  • Four lines Hook and eye closure in abdomen
  • Materials: Powernet, Cold Lycra and Lace
  • Made in Colombia

Beautiful and comfortable post surgical garment is mid thigh with a full coverage high back. Has wide adjustable straps and a large opening in the crotch with a cover that hook in the back.

Makes it super easy to visit the restroom without removing the garment.Comes with 4 lines of hook and eye clips in the abdomen allowing you to adjust to the desired compression.

Outer layer made in Powernet. Inner layer made in Cold Lycra and a lace finish on the leg. Available in Black and ideal for Lipo 360, BBL and Tummy Tuck, Mommy MakeOver.

Special Tip: 

Our garments should be your second skin. Put on your garment first and your bra second. This will allow your garment to grab and tuck those annoying back rolls that we get from the bra.

Place your garment in the freezer for 30 minutes and put it on after your lymphatic massages and you will feel great relief.




Post surgical compression adjustable load C9024


The wide shoulder strap has a 3 rows of hook-and-eye closure that adjusts to your height or torso length.




Open-Bust in case you have had a breast augmentation so that you can wear a bra according to your new cup size.


Post surgical compression  closure with 4 positions open C9024


2-row hook-and-eye fastening in the front closure, so you can continue using the girdle as you reduce the post surgical swelling.


Post surgical compression A C9024Post surgical compression B C9024


arge opening in crotch area with cover that hooks in the back.





Heart shaped cut on the butt that gives it a very nice shape and lift.


Post surgical compression external seams C9024 EXTERNAL SEAMS

External seams, not internal, so it does not leave marks on your skin.


Post surgical compression lace legs C9024 NON-SILICONE LACE

The leg lace is non-silicone to avoid any sensitivity or allergy that you may have after surgery.





This is the perfect post op compression garment if you had a surgery like tummy tuck, lipectomy or a liposuction that has been done on the waist, back and/or abdomen. It supports the post surgery recovering process helping your skin to adhere after fat has been removed. The leg’s length of this girdle is perfect if you have thin thighs and if you did not have fat removed in the area closest to the knee.


Shapes and reduces the back, waist, tummy, hip and thighs. Medium-high compression level so that you feel sufficiently compressed but at the same time totally comfortable.This girdle has 2 layers in abdominal area for strenght in the area you need the most.


Wide opening in the intimate area to go to the bathroom without having to remove the body shaper. Lined internally in cold lycra that prevents sweating for freshness and comfort. This fabric is much softer to the touch making the girdle easier to put on because it glides on to your skin. Open-Bust in case you have had a breast augmentation so that you can wear a bra according to your new cup size.


External seams that not mark your skin. The wide shoulder strap has a 3 rows of hook-and-eye closure that adjusts to your height or torso length. 2-row hook-and-eye fastening in the front closure, so you can continue using the girdle as you reduce the post surgical swelling; Its like having two sizes in one faja.



MAKE SURE YOU MEASURE YOURSELF. The size of a girdle is not the same as your clothes size. Please make sure you take your measurements and check them in the size table below. If you need help or do not understand how to do it, let us know. We are here to help.

1. Grab the measuring tape correctly, starting from the 1.

2. Stand up straight keeping your legs together.

3. Measure around the contour, waist and fullest part of your hip as shown in the image. Make sure the tape is straight.




If you buy your body shaper before surgery, take your measurements and choose a larger size than the one our size chart tells you, considering that you will have some swelling. For this reason, our post surgical girdles have a fastening system with 2 rows hook-and-eye closure so you can adjust the garment as the swelling goes down.

If you buy the post surgical compression garment when you have had your surgery, choose the size according to the measures you have at that moment.



To help reduce inflammation and relieve pain caused by surgery and/or postoperative massage, put this girdle in the freezer, inside a plastic bag, being completely dry. Leave it there for about 2 or 3 hours and then use it. You will feel a relief!


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