Powerflex Boyshort

Putting on a dress has never looked better than when that sleek dress is paired with the Powerflex Boyshort Style. This high compression bodyshaper is able to give a virtual breast lift while providing a sense of quiet confidence. While some brands of shapewear are difficult to get on and off, this shaper is easy to put on, and even easier to take off. Suffer no longer for that perfect slim shape. Instead, enjoy the cotton lined interior, the convenient zipper while gaining the intended benefit of taming those unsightly bulges. Available in both black and beige, this sexy bodyshaper is sure to delight both the wearer and the watcher. Enjoy your trim waist look while accentuating your lifted bust line. Your confidence is sure to shine through as you wear dresses you may have never imagined even trying on previously. Even better, this body reductor will show no telltale lines, meaning your secret will remain a great secret.

Full Bodysuit Shaper Results:

  • Defines and slims waistline, controls love handles
  • Firmed and flattened midsection
  • Smoother, slimmer silhouette
  • Slims 1-2 inches instantly
  • Corrected, more confident posture
  • Reduced back pain
  • Lifted and centered bust
  • Effective waist and abdomen reduction
  • Post-partum figure restoration

Panty Bodysuit shapewear Features:

  • Outer layer in Powerflex
  • Inner layer in anti-allergic cotton for total comfort
  • Removable straps (Can change the color and/or position of strap. Must be worn with straps)
  • Cotton boy-short with lace finish
  • Silicon lining in the lace to secure in place
  • Hook and eye clipping in the crotch
  • Front Zipper Closure with internal clips


Outer lining 60% nylon. Inner lining 20% cotton, 20% spandex.


32/S, 34/M, 36/L, 38/XL, 40/XXL, 42/3XL, 44/4XL, 46/5XL, 48/6XL, 50/7XL


Beige, Black


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